Superior Quality and Value Enhancement

Aluminium profiles form the foundation of balcony structures, ensuring superior quality, durability, and low maintenance. These balconies not only enhance property aesthetics but also add significant value.

Safety and Maintenance Considerations for Balconies

Maintaining public safety is crucial, requiring meticulous attention to design, construction, and regular inspections. Prioritizing safety measures allows property owners to enjoy the benefits of balconies while minimizing risks. Regular inspections uphold structural integrity and address potential issues promptly.

1) Suspended balconies
Their design offers the greatest range of options for an optimal solution to the new appearance of a block of flats. These structures are suitable for all building types where the inhabitants desire outdoor spaces. The company PEKSTRA installs such structures even on buildings that have not had any before. In cooperation with a structural engineer, they design the ideal dimensions and arrange for the replacement of windows with access doors. The application uses a special suspension system. The railings are actively designed based on customer preferences and structural engineering reports, considering size, shape, and panelling.

2) Aluminium loggias with concrete landings
These loggias consist of individual modules. Active counterparts installed outside renovated buildings where no balconies existed or adding load is unsuitable.

Structures with limited structural redundancy require special attention to design, construction, material selection, and inspection. Enclosed spaces need moisture exit paths to prevent buildup and damage.
Periodic inspections are necessary to ensure integrity, requiring means of access like removable panels.
Design professionals should be informed of 2018 IBC changes for wood-frame structures, providing guidance on safety enhancements.

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