Every now and then we all need to do a little maintenance on everything we buy and the garden shed is no different, but don’t worry, WND can take care of that! We have just spent a few months very wet, cold and windy, so it is important to visit the shed or workshop and prepare it for the summer.

With wet conditions comes mold. Now, unfortunately, during cold and wet nights and mornings, the conditions are suitable for mold growth both indoors and outdoors, but this can be easily removed with a mold remover or an aerosol bleach. All wood has a certain moisture content, especially when it is new and this will contribute to moisture and mainly affect the roof.
Leaving the door open when you can or even better if you have windows that will open will give ventilation and help dry the shed / workshop and help stop mold growth.

Tips for maintenance your Sheds:

To maintain good maintenance, its always a good idea to check the felt regularly for any wear or tear. Felt does deteriorate with the suns U.V light, wind may get under and rip the felt or overhanging tree branches may rub and tear the felt. Tree sap also actively deteriorates felt. This is unless you have our roofing which helps withstand all these and comes with a manufactures guarantee .

Last but not least is to clear debris from around the shed, leaves and other debris hinder a good airflow under the building, keeping the floor damp, leading to woodworm and dry-rot. Our floors have pressure treated battens under the floor to help stop this, but a good airflow will also aid in keeping woodworm and dry rot away.

By maintaining your building, not only will it look good but it will give you many years of use and enjoyment.


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