A home’s exterior siding can make or break its curb appeal. Loose or missing bricks, chipped vinyl paint or dirty glass surfaces can give the wrong impression of your home. That’s why it’s important not only to choose the right siding for your home but also to make sure you can keep up with any maintenance that it may require.

In order to determine the right exterior siding option, you’ll need to consider the cost, both in materials and installation, durability, energy efficiency and aesthetics.

If you’re looking to spruce up your home’s exterior siding or looking for a change altogether, we have the pros and cons of each option.

Brick Siding

Brick exterior siding is the most traditional option for homeowners. It’s a timeless look found in most suburbs, especially new construction, making it the go-to choice when buying or updating a home.


Brick is a durable low-maintenance material that comes in a variety of color choices, and because of its natural color, it also doesn’t require repainting or refinishing.
Standing up to extreme temperatures and weather, the durability of brick is a huge pro when choosing exterior siding for your home. Aesthetically, it’s also a great option if you’re going for a timeless look.


You can cut down on costs by using a brick alternative called brick veneer, which uses thin layers of brick. Although, it isn’t as good of an insulator and cannot be load-bearing like traditional brick (veneer is a thinner material).

Engineered Wood

Unlike fiber-cement or wood-imitating vinyl, engineered wood is comprised of mostly wood, with a few added materials to create a more natural-looking final product, meaning, it’s a more convincing wood alternative.


Engineered wood comes in a variety of styles and textures and is a cheaper, more durable material than fiber-cement or vinyl. Like fiber-cement, engineered wood is fireproof, water resistant and safe from insect damage. It also comes with a long warranty.

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