Make your windows a centrepiece with our range of luxurious shutters. Offering you full control over any light coming into your room, as well as adding a cultured look to your windows, these sturdy window furnishings are sure to impress. Choose from our huge range of styles and finishes, all made from the finest materials.

Full Height
As the name says, these custom-made indoor cover the entire height of your window opening. As a practical and elegant window treatment, full-height help you keep your room cool when it’s hot outside and warm when it’s cold. They also help provide extra security, privacy and soundproofing. Going with this style is a sure bet! Let’s talk about other benefits of going with a Full Height design.

Café Style
While the versatility of plantation shutters makes them suitable for any window, there are separate optional styles to further suit any window you choose. An excellent choice for ground floor windows tends to be café style shutters. These shutters are typically half the height of the window and allow for privacy with the addition of unobstructed light from the upper half of the window.

Tier on Tier
Sometimes referred to double hung shutters, tier-on-tier window shutters give complete window coverage while letting you open the slats of the top and bottom halves independently.
So you can enjoy light and privacy in any combination you choose.

Full Solid Raised
With no slats, solid indoor shutters offer insulating top to bottom window coverage that’s very private and secure.
They’re also perfect if you’re looking to complement an elegant interior décor style that has a more traditional feel.

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