Our diverse range of bricks offers various textures, including smooth, light, heavy, tumbled, and stock options. Texture is crucial, not only for aesthetic appeal but also for reflecting light and creating depth on the brick surface.

Smooth bricks provide a modern and uniform finish, while light texture adds subtle variations for a contemporary look. For a more rugged appearance, consider heavy textured bricks, which feature rough surfaces reminiscent of rustic charm. Tumbled bricks offer a distressed and irregular shape, perfect for achieving an old-world aesthetic at an affordable price.

Types of Brick Surface

A modern smooth finish or smooth sandfaced finish. These wirecut bricks are consistent and uniform in character. Additionally, the sandfaced finish takes a smooth brick and blasts a coating of sand onto the column of clay before firing. Consequently, the adhered sand adds a light texture to an otherwise smooth brick.

Light Texture
A modern, uniform, wirecut brick. A variety of rollers or blades apply textures to these extruded bricks. They strike off excess clay from the top of the mold, fire the bricks, and then turn them out. The textures vary from small indentations (dragfaced), through printed irregularities (indented, printed/textured) to a rippled/wave effect (rolled back).

Heavy textured
A range of bricks with a harder, rougher texture from the bark like effect of a rusticated brick, to Hanson’s Facing Bricks unique range of slop clay bricks. They slop liquid clay solution onto wire cut bricks before firing to give the face a rough and random finish.

Tumbled or retro bricks are more distressed and irregular in shape offering a cost effective way of achieving the old world charm associated with reclaimed bricks. Wirecut bricks are tumbled in a drum to achieve this appearance through an ageing process.

A traditional-looking brick with a handmade appearance and slightly irregular shape and creased texture. They throw soft clay clots into a mould called a stock. They strike off excess clay from the top and fire the bricks before turning them out. 

If you prefer a traditional handmade appearance, our stock bricks with slightly irregular shapes and creased textures are an excellent choice. Each type of brick exhibits a unique character and can tailor to match existing brickwork or create a distinct style for your project.

Enhance the visual appeal of your building with our quality bricks, carefully crafted to meet your design preferences and architectural needs. Contact us at 214-773-8508 or admin@wndservices.com to learn more about our brick surface options and how they can elevate your project.