What is it?

Concrete repairs is one of our core activities and tenemos muchos years’ experience. We used to operate our cathode repair system, which was a highly effective method utilizing site-batched repair materials. However, today, we are approved applicators for all the leading material suppliers in the industry. These suppliers provide materials that are CE Marked, which is mandatory for concrete repair and protection.

Repairing concrete buildings and structures necessitates quality materials, but more crucially, it requires experienced and skilled tradesmen to ensure the correct execution of repairs. Proper removal of defective concrete areas, preparation of exposed steel reinforcement, and concrete reinstatement are essential for durable repairs.

How to use concrete repairs?

For small repairs, we utilize electric or pneumatic tools, while for larger volumes, we often employ hydro demolition. Concrete reinstatement may involve hand-applied mortars or sprayed gunite for large volumes. Surface finishing must match the color and texture of the parent concrete, which could be a shutter board or exposed aggregate finish. Our skilled workforce are able to achieve a high quality finish to match the parent concrete.

After repairing the concrete, a protective coating can enhance durability and aesthetics on all exposed surfaces. These coatings can protect against further carbonation of the concrete and chloride ingress.

All our operatives undergo comprehensive training covering various skill modules and attend regular training events with our material suppliers.


In summary, therefore, concrete repair is a crucial aspect of our operations, backed by extensive experience. Additionally, we now partner with leading material suppliers, ensuring access to CE marked materials essential for durability. Furthermore, success depends on skilled tradesmen adept at precise removal of defective areas and accurate concrete reinstatement. Moreover, protective coatings further enhance durability and aesthetics, guarding against carbonation and chloride ingress. Lastly, our operatives undergo comprehensive training to ensure expertise in delivering top-tier concrete repair solutions.

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