Caps are essential to the safety and proper functioning of your chimney. Keep critters and debris out while helping to prevent sparks from leaving your chimney. We offer a large selection of high quality decorative clay pots, single flue and multi-flue in stainless steel or copper that will last a lifetime.

A chimney cap is essential to the safety and proper functioning of your chimney. A properly designed and fitted chimney cap will keep rain, snow, and leaves out of your chimney, and prevent birds, raccoons, and other critters from entering and nesting there. A chimney cap with a spark arrestor screen can help keep sparks from leaving your chimney and ending up on your roof. Furthermore, a well-made chimney cap not only provides functionality but also enhances the appearance of your home’s exterior.

Typical Use & Summary: Chimney Caps

  • Different styles of caps available depending on material of the flue, type of pipe, or the problem you’re resolving.
  • Keep animals, debris, and weather out of the home
  • High-quality stainless steel or copper materials, which are durable and long-lasting, ensure a lifetime of use.
  • Dimensionamiento fácil de seguir e instalación sencilla.

Stainless steel chimney caps are the best solution for your chimney. Stainless steel will not rust and corrode like galvanized steel does

Multi-flue chimney caps accommodate single or multiple flues in one chimney structure. Multi-flue chimney caps are available in stainless steel or copper. Ideal for safeguarding the crown, particularly when installing multiple single flue adjacently is impractical or impossible.

These caps clamp on to the outside of the opening of the chimney with a secure one screw fastener.

Extend short masonry chimneys with a flue cap stretcher to improve chimney draw. Avoid tall tile mount caps in windy areas.

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