An HVAC system is a ventilation, heating and air conditioning system. It is a set of methods and techniques that study and operate on the treatment of air in terms of cooling, heating, dehumidification, quality, movement, among other variables.

The proposal of an HVAC system is to provide an air flow, heating and adequate to each area; reliably maintain the required values ​​of temperature, air humidity and air quality, independent of fluctuations in the environment (adjacent, outdoor areas).

It is the process of adding heat to the air in order to increase its temperature. Increasingly, more efficient systems are chosen, more energy-saving, thus recovering the heat from the extraction air to heat the supply air (inlet) as the most efficient since the only energy consumption is that of both fan, extraction and drive motors.

On the contrary, it subtracts heat from the air in order to lower its temperature to comfort levels.

Services offered by Seiter: Design and selection of systems to obtain the best solution to your need Installation / Supervision Monitoring and Control Systems: installation and configuration Maintenance (preventive and corrective) Technical Diagnosis: work efficiency configuration, suggestions for performance improvements and energy efficiency.

Applications in commercial, industrial and health areas, for systems of:
– Air conditioning: high efficiency, inverter technology
– Cold Water Chillers
– Cooling towers Controlled
– Humidity Facilities (Continuous Dehumidifying Equipment / Humidifying Equipment)
– Air Conditioning Systems for Data
-Centers and Server
– Air Conditioning
-Mechanic ventilation