Landings in a stair is a level floor or platform constructed at a location where the direction of stairs changes, between flights of the stair, or at the top of stair flight.

What is the Purpose of Stair Landing?
Stairs and landings is provided to permits stairs to change directions.
Another purpose of stair landing provision is to allow occupants to rest.

What are the cases in which stair landings are needed?
-Stair landing should be provided at the top and bottom of each flight of exterior and interior stairs.
-For stairways with straight run that have an overall rise greater than 3.65m, an intermediate landing should be provided.

In what cases can we omit a stair landing?

-If a doorway at the top of a stair in a dwelling unit swings away from the stair, then the stair does not require a landing between it and the door.
– It is possible to omit landing at the top of a stair serving a secondary entrance to a single dwelling unit provided that the stair does not have more than three rises and the door is sliding or swing away from the stair.
-You can neglect the landing stair at the bottom of an exterior stair as long as there are no obstructions within a lesser of stair width or 900mm for stairs serving a single unit and 1100mm for stairs not serving a single dwelling unit.

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