SHEETROCK joint compounds feature adhesives with enhanced performance. These compounds, creamy and smooth, and asbestos-free, are formulated by USG, ensuring exceptional working qualities like easy sliding and strong adhesion on plasterboard surfaces. Additionally, they provide the convenience of being ready to use straight from the package or container, requiring only minimal shaking to achieve the desired consistency. This streamlined application process not only reduces labor costs but also significantly enhances the overall quality of workmanship.

Dry construction:
Eliminate excess moisture that exists in the construction.

Low cost insitu:
Gypsum boards are easily positioned, promptly installed, and facilitate immediate painting or other decoration, as well as the swift installation of carpentry and blacksmithing.

Fire protection:
The bone core will not generate combustion or transmit temperatures higher than 100 ° C until fully calcined, which is a slow process.

– Resistance to stirring:
Reinforced by USG joints, SHEETROCK plasterboard forms walls and ceilings resistant to cracks from structural, thermal, and hygrometric changes.

– Resistance to deformations:
The expansion or contraction under normal atmospheric changes is insignificant eliminating deformations on the finished surface.

In conclusion, SHEETROCK joint compounds offer superior performance and convenience for construction projects. Their advanced adhesive polymers and smooth texture ensure excellent working qualities on plasterboard surfaces. You can use them directly from the package, reducing labor costs and improving work quality. With advantages such as dry construction, low-cost installation, fire protection, crack resistance, and minimal deformation, SHEETROCK compounds are a top choice for efficient and high-quality construction projects.

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